Notice of Public Meeting
South Henry Regional Waste District

This meeting will be held as a Zoom meeting due
to the public gathering restrictions in place during
the Covid19 pandemic.

Any individual who wishes to attend this meeting via Zoom
can make arrangements for attending the meeting by contacting the South Henry Regional Waste District's office on:
MONDAY JANUARY 11, 2021 FROM 8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM OR
TUESDAY JANUARY 12, 2021 FROM 8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM.
PLEASE CALL 1-765-987-8432

NOTICE IS GIVEN that the South Henry Regional Waste District will meet and conduct a public meeting as follows:
DATE: JANUARY 12, 2021
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
PLACE: See above regarding Zoom meeting.

Discussion and, if appropriate, official action on the following matters:
1. Call to order.
2. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.
3. Approval of the monthly claims.
4. Presentation of any reports from the District's employees or agents.
5. Board members' comments or questions.
6. Audience comments, questions, or recommendations.
7. Any other business that may properly come before the Board.
8. Public comment is permitted through either telecommunication or by the submission of a written statement.
9. Adjournment.


A copy of this notice was sent via e-mail to:
The Clerk Treasurers of Spiceland, Dunreith, Lewisville and Straughn.
The New Castle Courier Times.
The Muncie Star Press.
All board members via regular mail.

A copy of the notice was posted at:
South Henry Regional Waste District's Office
301 South Williams Street
Lewisville, IN 47352

South Henry Regional Waste District Office will be taking extra precautions to keep our customers and employees safe. Effective November 11th, our office will be closed to the public until further notice. Our goal is to limit interaction, which will assist in limiting the spread of Covid-19.

You may drop your payments in the Drop Box at the entrance to the drive. Other methods to pay your bill include our online payment by ►Clicking Here or via mail. In office credit card or debit card payments will be suspended for the duration of the office closure.
We appreciate your understanding as we traverse these difficult times. We wish our community continued health. Our office will be staffed during our normal hours of 8-4, Monday thru Friday. Please don't hesitate to call with questions. Updates or changes will be posted on our ►Facebook page and here on our website.